What do you recommend for pedal edema?

Depends on cause. If related to venous insufficiency, compression stockings and elevation (keeping feet up). If due to volume overload, Lasix (furosemide) or other diuretic. If this is a new problem check with your doctor.
Low salt, leg elevat. Low salt, leg elevations, see a doctor.

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What does pedal edema mean in lay terms?

Swollen feet. Not much more to add, swollen feet can be caused by a number of problems, some serious, some less so.
Swelling. Swelling to the foot and ankle. This can be caused by a variety of local and systemic problems. Dr l.

What is pedal edema? Why do people get it?

Swollen feet. Pedal edema (swollen feet) has any number of causes: venous disease, obesity, lymph problems, liver disease, kidney disease, or heart disease. High blood pressure often goes hand in had with these conditions. Some medicines (calcium channel blockers, thiazolidinediones, eg) can cause swelling too.
See below. Pedal edema or swelling of the ankles or higher is due to salt followed by water retention either due to heart or liver or kidney diseases or problems. It is called dependant edema as it occcurs while standing or sittting for prolonged periods and goes down or dissapears when you lie down.

If I get pedal edema will my soles get puffy too?

Most likely not. The tissues in your soles usually dose not swell much comparing to the rest of the foot.
Yes. Most of the edema will be around the ankle and the top of the foot and toes.

What are the symtoms of bylateral pedal edema of +2?

It depends. Usually this is asymptomatic/no symptoms. However, bilateral edema is indicative of some systemic problem and needs to be seen by your pcp or internist for diagnosis of cause.
2 + Edema. Patients with significant edema (e) have more in the afternoon if they are walking around. This causes them to get up after they go to bed to urinate and is caused by the e fluid going back into the circulation and excreted by the kidneys. Other symptoms are shoes that get tighter in the afternoon as the e fluid settles in the feet. See a doctor to find out why you have it and how you can treat it.

What is the definition or description of: pedal edema?

Swelling of the feet. Pedal edema is fluid collection or swelling of the feet.
Foot swelling. I think pedal refers to the foot; and edema is swelling.

Is having pedal edema for a long time harmful? What type of medicines are there foredema caused by lever deasease

Yes. More importantly than the local tissues being stretched out from the swelling is the need to address the reason your swelling is so difficult to get down. Discuss with your md.

Can severe pedal edema be associated with smoking?

Ischemia. Smoking causes vasoconstriction of blood vessels and in general is bad for circulation. It can directly or indirectly cause all kinds of circulatory disturbance. Usually, the main concern is ischemia or lack of blood flow though.
Yes. The nicotine causes the blood vessels in your foot to contract itermittently and therby decreases the blood flow to your feet. One of the side effects can be edema to the feet.
Yes. Smoking can lead to vascular disease.

Could you tell me the causes of pitting pedal edema?

Many reasons. It could be poor circulation or bad valves in the veins, varicose veins, heart trouble, kidney trouble, hypertention.