What can I use for arrhythmia if I don't have a doctor?

Depends on type. There are different types of arrhythmia and many arrhythmias will respond to avoidance of certain stimulants, such as caffeine or some over the counter medications. Alcohol and cigarettes have also been known to start arrhythmias. It is good to get good sleep too. Your best bet; however, is to get a primary physician, to make sure there is nothing dangerous about your arrhythmia.
Avoid known causes. You really need to sort out if what you sense as an arrhythmia is truly a heart rhythm problem or not, and determine if it's benign, o not. This will require a good history, physical, and some simple testing and lab work. If caffeine, alcohol, tobacco or medications are associated with the arrhythmia, then minimizing exposure may help. Best to consult a doctor.

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??? You want to check with a doctor. That is what we are trained for many years. No way this can be solved on the internet. Read more...
Depends. If you don't have a physician because you don't have insurance, find a way to get in to a university clinic or sliding scale clinic where you can be seen for less money. Most arrhythmias require prescriptions that need monitoring by a physician, and can't just be treated with over the counter remedies. In an emergency, bearing down or carotid massage may slow a rapid arrhythmia - but not usually. Read more...