Is bacterial meningitis contagious?

Some types. Meningococcal meningitis can be highly contagious, especially in close quarters, e.g. College dorms, military recruits. Vaccinations recommended, before exposure, contacts get prophylactic antibiotic rx. Others may or not be, depending on the type and how the meningitis was contracted.

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Can bacterial meningitis be contagious?

Yes. Bacterial meningitis is contageous, the degree of which is relatively specific to the bacteria involved. A germ like meningococcus is easily passed in a brief exposure while tuberculusis is much harder to pass, requiring much longer exposure. Read more...

Is it true that bacterial meningitis is contagious?

Some > than others. Some forms are much more worrisome than others. Meningococcal meningitis is quite contagious and close contacts are routinely given antibiotics to interrupt transmission. Pneumococcal meningitis contacts are not, since the germ is relatively common among normal individuals and it has not been found necessary. Read more...