Hoping you can tell me, is 30 BPM heart rate considered healthy?

For the majority, no. Unless one is a highly professional athlete such as a bicyclist, a heart rate in the 40's is abnormal, and even in these elite athletes, 30 would be unusually low.

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My babys heart rate is slow. I'm in my first trimester. Is there any hope?

Yes. If there's a heartbeat on the ultrasound, there is always a reason for hope. While some pregnancies with a slow heartbeat do end up in miscarriage, I have certainly seen cases where their heart rate pick up on subsequent scanning. Good luck! Read more...

My baby heart rate is 80bpm at 18 weeks. Growth is slow and specialist has advised I have no hope. No abnormalities, can I do anything else?

Heart rate. I suggest you discuss the findings in detail until you completely understand what is going on. If that means a repeat ultrasound to evaluate your baby's heart again then have it done. My best wishes. Read more...