Can my regular doctor do the thyroid blood tests in his clinic?

No. Thyroid tests are blood draw. It takes time to come back. Your primary care doc might have a person drawing blood in the office but the blood have to be sent to a lab to get the result. There are some docs with their own labs but that's not the norm.

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How large does a thyroid nodule have to be for doctors to decide to operate. The thyroid blood tests came out negative. My thyroid is normal in size but I have a 2.2 x0.76x.99cm nodule on the right lobe and a. 48 nodule on left. Will the dr. Decide to ope

Several factors. Routine labs are of little help when there is a mass. The workup of a nodule may include a scan; cold and hot nodules are more worrisome than warm ones. Since you are worried, consider a fine needle aspiration or otherwise getting tissue even if it is warm. Good luck.
Biopsy. The nodule should be biopsied (fine needle aspiration). If the biopsy is concerning, surgery is recommended. If the biopsy is negative, surgery is recommend for nodules that grow under observation or if the nodule is greater than 3 cm.
Yes, biopsy. If the report didn't say that this is a cyst, then you should get a fine needle biopsy. If negative, it can be followed with serial ultrasound as long as it is not causing problem swallowing or breathing now. If the mass grows on subsequent ultrasound, you can then re biopsy or just proceed with surgery. In any case, keep close eye on the mass, at least once/year with an ultrasound.

Hello, I have 1/2 thyroid. I have hypo symptoms. I had blood tests tsh, ft3, ft4. all normal. How do I find a doctor that will treat symptoms?

Treating symptoms. If the thyroid tests are normal, then you don't need thyroid hormone. 1/2 a thyroid can easily make enough. "Hypo symptoms" are common to a lot of other conditions, and giving you thyroid pills inappropriately would be wrong. I hope you don't find a doctor who will give you thyroid, but I hope you find a doc who will help you figure out what is causing your symptoms.
Symptoms. Hi. Your thyroid function is normal. Half a thyroid gland is way more than you need to have normal thyroid function as long as that half is working. With your normal thyroid function, any doctor that would treat your "symptoms" with thyroid hormone is a fool; I hope you'd have a very hard time finding such a doctor. There is not a single symptom that is specific for hypothyroidism; urz not hypothy.

Before Thyroid Supp: TSH 6.2, Calcium 10.3 (3 blood tests). After: TSH 0.88, Calcium ~9.5 (2 blood tests). Please educate why calc down? My doc dnk

Fluctuations. Calcium levels in the body are always in flux. Calcium gets pulled in and out of bone to keep our bone and blood levels of calcium normal. It is normal to have calcium levels go up and down within the normal range. Both your calcium levels are normal so there is nothing to worry about.

I had all the blood tests, thyroid antibodies, I tested negative for EBV about 11 month ago but had the Virus in about 1985. My doctor does not know.?

Not enough info. You have not asked a question. A positive IgG antibody means previous infection, not active infection. If the IgM is also positive it means active infection.

Hello doctor, I have a recent blood tests for Thyroid. T3, T4, TPO normal while TSH is 19.98. Its my 4th day taking Thyronorm 50mcg. Is the dose correct?

Likely. The body does not turn on and off like a light switch and it will take many more days if not weeks to get a reliable assay on your TSH. Monitor it under your doctor's direction.