Do doctors see a lot of patients with prinzmetal angina?

Not that many. This is, in its pure form, a relatively uncommon form of cardiac chest discomfort, presenting with characteristic signs and symptoms, and treated with medications, not surgery or catheter based interventions. It's caused by spasm of the coronary arteries, not atherosclerosis. However, in mixed form, the spasm component can coexist with atherosclerosis and exacerbate the chest discomfort.

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Is there a cardiologist here who specializes in prinzmetal angina?

All cardiologists. Yes all cardiologists know this.
Spasm. Prinzmetal is spasm of the coronary arteries. It causes pain and reduced blood flow to the heart muscle. It is usually treated with medications that dilate the arteries. Cigarette smoking, cold, cocaine, and migraine remedies will make it worse.

If I have longstanding Prinzmetal Angina due to accidental OD on pseudoephedrine, will it be life long?

Prinzmetal angina. Prinzmetal angina, or variant angina (spasm of coronary arteries) is a rare but chronic condition. The long term survival for PA is good for those patients who tolerate calcium channel blockers (CCB) and do not smoke. Poor prognosis would include those patients who smoke, have coronary atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries), an intolerance to CCB, and spasms of coronary artery.

Can prinzmetal angina caused by an angiogram?

Coronary vasospasm. Coronary vasospasm occasionally occurs during a cardiac catheterization but it's difficult to know what factors caused the spasm to occur. Prinzmetal angina is accompanied by certain ekg changes at the time of the vasospasm and this may be rare during coronary angiography. An interventional cardiologist is best suited to answer your question.

Any tips for weight loss with prinzmetal angina?

Weight loss. Figure out your ideal BMI analyst your daily caloric intake vs expenditure and drop your intake 200-500 calories per 24 hr and you will lose weight. Prinzmetal angina is a very specific entity-if present get a medical professional who diagnosed it treat it;avoid vasoconstrictors (certain meds;cocaine)Also 30 min of sustained aerobic exercise daily will help eg walking stationary bike swimming.

Is Amlodipine effective for migraines related to Prinzmetal Angina? Reviews on drugs. Com is 9/10 for migraine for norvasc! Thats best for any med!!

Norvasc (amlodipine) First off Amlodipine is generic Norvasc. Calcium channel blockers can be helpful for migraines and this includes amlodipine, cardizem and verapamil. As to what is best that depends on the inidiviual Another thought is try some Magnesium. It is your bodies natural calcium channel blocker.

When stressed I get chest pain going to left arm and neck. Had echo, echo, stress test all clear. I'm 25, could this be prinzmetal angina?

Chest pain. You had work up done for coronary artery disease, it is apparently negative. You do not seem to have any significant risk factors, at least you did not mention any. Most likely you have stress situations causing anxiety. Check with your doctor who can help you.