Should I see a specialist for aphthous stomatitis, or can my regular doctor take care of it?

Your own doctor. Your own doctor can. Show him my anser.
Apthous stomatitis. Aphthous stomatitis (or canker sores) are a very common problem, and rarely needs to be seen by a specialist. Any good family physician or internist should be able to manage it fine. The real problem, however, is that there is no really good treatment for this condition, but there are lots of things you can try.

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Is there anything I can get from the grocery store or drug store for my aphthous stomatitis until I can see a doctor?

Barriers. Can try 50/50 milk of magnesia/diphenhydramine liquid- swish and spit 4-6x/day. Orabase can act as a bandage to cover the area. Tanac, and others can help numb and cover. Orabase sooth n seal avoid spicy foods, alcohol, extremes of temperature. Read more...