Which treatment works the best and fastest for cocaine overdose?

911. Overdose of cocaine, as with any overdose, requires immediate intervention by trained professionals. Even in moderate doses, Cocaine can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other forms of sudden cardiac death. In higher doses, observation in an emergency room or intensive care unit may be needed. There heart monitors can detect arrhythmias which can be treated with medication.
Abstention. The problem with Cocaine overdose is not exactly something one can treat prophylactically. The biggest problem is the high risk of death... Which should really be treated immediately if it occurs, so the patient is safest being observed in an er until the risk subsides ! cardiovascular problems, particularly including a wide variety of strokes, are fairly common.
Emergency. An overdose is called that for a reason. Cocaine can cause uncontrolled high blood pressure causing brain bleeds. Can also cause heart attack or direct damage to heart muscle. Can get breakdown of skeletal muscle causing rhabdomyolysis and kidney failure. Cardiac arrythmia common. Er will evaluate and treat depending on your needs. I strongly encourage you to stop using through any means available.