Testostrone test results FSH serum 1.6 iu/l (1.3-19.3)testosterone 7.2 nmol/l (6.0-27.0) I am 28 old male is this normal for my age? Seems a bit low. Feel tired, ed, no morning errection? Whats wrong?

Repeat lab. Your lab is normal, but mildly low for age. Make sure it was drawn in the morning, draw a second value for confirmation including measurement of free testosterone lh and prolactin. Then talk w/your doctor. There are many more common causes for ed than low testosterone unless you've being taking anabolics.
Need more info. Feeling tired may have many causes. Repeat testosterone level , also check your vitamin d, potassium, glucose. Need to know if you are taking other medications. Need to know about your stress level, your life style.You have to discuss all these with your doctor.