Is vitamin D3 the same as calcium?

Calcium & vitamin D. Calcium and vitamin D are different, but they work together as building blocks for our bones. Supplementing calcium and vitamin D can help keep bones strong and hopefully prevent or delay the development of osteoporosis when used in combination with weight-bearing exercise.

Related Questions

If I take calcium with d could I also take vitamin d3?

No. The only form of d to be taken orally is d3. Check the form of d that you are already taking.
Get 2 tests. If you haven't done so already, ask your doctor for 2 tests: 1) a bone density test. If you have normal bone density and you are in good health, you don't need to take supplemental calcium. A study last year showed that many people take calcium who don't need it. 2) a blood test for vit d level. Studies show many people have low levels and may need large doses of vit d to get back to normal.

Could you take vitamin D3 with out calcium & vitamin d3?

Yes. If you are a normal young and healthy male with a reasonable diet you probably do not need to take either of these. So it would be reasonable to take one without the other.
Yes, probably wise. Virtually every american needs to take vit. D3 during fall & winter as we can't get any from the sun then (unless you live way south) & food can't provide enough. However, it's easy to get adequate calcium from a good diet (esp. Eating leafy greens). Recent research suggests calcium supps increase risk of atherosclerosis! I advise taking vit k to insure calcium you absorb enters bones/not arteries.

How much calcium and vitamin D3 should I take daily as an adult?

Uncertain. The optimal daily dose for calcium and vitamin d supplementation is uncertain. 1200 mg of calcium (diet plus supplement) and 800 iu of vitamin d daily is recommended for most postmenopausal women with osteoporosis. Although the optimal intake has not been clearly established in premenopausal women or in men with osteoporosis, 1000 mg total of calcium and 400 to 600 iu of vitamin d is suggested.

How much calcium and vitamin D3 should I take a day for osteropinia?

Depends on... This depends on your diet ; sun exposure. Most adults need 5-8000 iu a day of vit d3 during fall ; winter months but can get enough d from exposure to mid-day sun in spring ; summer- but take year-round if you don't use sunscreen or get much sun. Amount of calcium should be 400-1000mg depending on diet but vit k2 15 mg (not mcg), magnesium ; other nutrients are crucial too-see http://bit. Ly/1a48ofs.

Wondering how many mg of calcium and vitamin D3 should I take daily?

IT DEPENDS ON YOUR A. Dose of vitamin d is depemdant on your age, sex and your diet pre and post menopausal women 1000 mgm og calcium with 800 to 1000 units of vit d daily at age of 41 you need 1000mgm of calcium and 800 to 1000 units of vit d daily.

If a person has too much calcium, why would taking vitamin d be harmful?

It increases calcium. Vitamin d increases calcium absorption, and if it gets too high, it can cause lots of problems such as stomach upset, muscle weakness and even depression. This is why taking too much vitamin d is a problem for most people - 800 units daily is plenty for most. If you have high calcium already, though, you might want to avoid taking extra, and limit sun exposure (raises active vit d).

How long can I take calcium 600mg with vitamin D3 400 international units?

Ca++ and Vit D. Current guidelines recommend a total daily Calcium intake of 1000mg (including foods that contain calcium and whatever supplement you are taking) and Vitamin D 600 IU daily for males your age. Both increase a bit at age 70. These supplements can be a problem for people with certain conditions such as kidney stones. However, recommendations for any supplement can change from time to time.