Two weeks ago, I dropped an item on my foot. There is slight bruising, slight swelling, and pain when I wear shoes. But I can walk. My foot is still sore to touch. Should I see a doctor now?

If. There is no pain or swelling you can skip the doc but if any change seek attention right away.
Foot pain. Continue resting it for 1-2 weeks more, icing, compressing wraps or bracing, and elevating your foot. Take otc antiinflammatory drugs like advil (ibuprofen) or Motrin as directed by the manufacturer to help. If soreness continues than yes get it checked out by a foot doctor. If not, just keep an eye on it. Hope this was helpful.
See a physician. I would say seeing a podiatrist could be helpful. X-rays could be taken to ensure that there isn't any fracture or guide treatment if there is. If there is a fracture where the fragments are separated, a reduction of the fracture would be necessary to ensure proper healing.
If u can walk & the. Pain is tolerable, more likely it's just from bruising. Warm soaks and nsaids would help. If it gets worse, see your dr for reassurance. Take care!