What does "irritable heart" mean?

Multiple things. Probably, if a doctor termed your heart "irritable", it was a reference to an irregular heartbeat. Rhythm disturbances often occur when the heart chambers are stretched due to hypertension (high blood pressure ) or a leaking or narrowed heart valve. Your doctor should be able to determine the underlying cause of the irritability.

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What does a cardiologists mean when they say" you just have a irritable heart". And what causes developing this and what consequences are there withit?

Implies extra beats. Extra beats come from many sources. Increased adrenalin (hyper-anxiety), abn electrolytes (K+, Mg++). I do not know if you are taking meds that can affect these things. Mg++ and K+ can be supplemented. Anxiety may require medication. If echo is normal, treatment should be easily achieved. Sometimes a low dose long acting Beta Blocker will help. Read more...