At my last check up, I forgot to tell the doctor about breast fibroadenoma. Is that ok?

Depends. Is your doctor aware that it had been present in the past or is it very new for you? Have you had it evaluated for any changes by ultrasound? Do you have any family risks for breast cancer? If it is something that has been present and stable for some time, then you could discuss it at your next visit. If it is concerning or changing for you, contact the doctor soon.
Breast fibrinoma. Simple fibroadenoma has no risk of developing breast cancer. But, the risk of breast cancer slightly increases if the complex fibriadenomas is associated with adjacent proliferation histology or if there is a family history of breast cancer. Simple fibriadenoma does not require excision. However, if the fibroadenoma increases in size or symptomatic, then excion should be done to rule out cancer.

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Hi in September I found a lump in my breast I have since went to the doctor had an mammogram and ultra sound and was told I had a fibroadenoma and fibrocystic breast and to get daily check ups every since months but I have been having back pain regularly

Not Related. Your back pain is not related to your breast issues which are "benign" Upper back pain, however, can be associated with very large breasts (a reason for breast reduction surgery) Hope this information helps! Dr Z.
If the breast. Mass is truly a fibroadenoma, it is highly unlikely that it is related to your back pain. Have your doctor investigate other causes of back pain.

Do lots of people get breast fibroadenoma, or is it unusual?

Fairly common. Benign breast nodules such as fibroadenoma are fairly common. There seems to be a degree of heredity in female family members. Breast tenderness, especially near the time of the menstrual cycle, is also associated with this. Most can be observed if they have a benign radiology or ultrasound appearance, and if they remain stable in size.

Why is it bad to drink cola when you have breast fibroadenoma?

Breast pain. A fibroadenoma is a benign mass. You have fibrocystic changes which is why your clinician told you to avoid cola and other caffeine containing foods (coffee, tea, iced tea, chocolate). Avoiding cola will decrease the pain and lumpiness in your breast. If you were told to avoid cola for a fibroadenoma, then I recommend you seek out a breast specialist for a second opinion.

Saw a show on tv and they mentioned something called breast fibroadenoma. What is that?

Not cancer. A fibroadenoma is a benign lump in the breast. It has a firm feel to it, and is fairly common in the younger population.
Benign tumor. A fibroadenoma is a common benign breast tumor. They are generally firm, somewhat mobile, smooth walled, painless, and slow growing. The definitive diagnosis can only be made by pathologic study which requires either a biopsy or removal of the mass.

Can I take pueraria mirifica if I have breast fibroadenoma? If no, what is the risk?

Fibroadenoma. Breast fibroadenoma is a tumor of unknown cause. There appears to be relationship to changes in plasma estrogen levels and changes in the estrogen/ progesterone ratios. As such, taking a phytoestrogen may increase the size of the fibroadenoma or risk of this condition.

I am not feeling like myself. What are the symptoms of breast fibroadenoma?

Mass. Afibroadenoma of the breast is a benign growth in the breast. The only symptom is feeling the mass itself. If it is concerning to you, see a general surgeon to discuss removal.
Not much. Fibroadenoma of breast won't cause systemic symptoms like malaise (feeling not well) fever, weight loss. Just causes local discomfort at the worst. And maybe a bit of lumpiness to the breast tissue or minor nipple discharge.

What is done for a breast fibroadenoma lump?

Tissue-Diagnosis. Fibroadenomas are the most common breast tumors. Even the best of us can be fooled by exam or even ultrasound findings--biopsy is the best way to DX definitively. These do not need to be surgically removed although many women prefer to if they are large, palpable, and/or growing. The operation can be done under twilight anesthesia, usually in a cosmetic manner. Cryotherapy is another option.

Want to get on with my life. How is breast fibroadenoma diagnosed? When can treatment start?

Biopsy. The only sure way to inentify a breast fibroadenoma is to take a sample of it and to have a pathology doctor look at it under the microscope. This can be done either by taking a needle core biopsy, which can be done in the office, or by doing an excisional biopsy, which removes the entire mass and is done usually in the operating room. Once it is removed, it should not cause ongoing problems.
Exam. Start with physical examination. Then other tests may be needed according to your doctor's judgment. Ultimately, if it's a fibroadenoma, you can ignore it or cut back on caffeine.
Biopsy. The most reliable way to diagnose a fibroadenoma is with a biopsy of the lesion. There are many other lesions that mimic a fibroadenoma either clinically or radiographically. Looking at a sample of the lesion under the microscope should be able to differentiate between the options. Sometimes removal of the entire nodule may be indicated. Speak with your physician or breast surgeon.

I don't believe in unnecessary medical treatment. Do I really need to treat breast fibroadenoma?

If large, have remov. Breast fibroadenoma's are firm, fairly large masses in the breast that are most often benign. However, if not removed, can confuse a patient during self exam to ignore an underlying malignant mass. Therefore, they are often surgically removed. Do not confuse this condition with "fibrocystic breasts" as they are very different entities. ".
Not necessarily. A fibroadenoma is a benign breast lump that does not turn into cancer or necessitate removal. Sometimes they shrink over time or after a biopsy. The most important issue is being sure that any lump in the breast is 100% evaluated and explained. If the fibroadenoma were to get larger, one worries that there might be a cancer behind it or a new lump is ignored thinking it is only a fibroadenoma.