Its one week since I had my gallbladder surgery. I am still experiencing nausea, vomitting and am unable to keep food down. Shudn't it all have passed by now?

Depends on the etiol. If you have dificulty in swallowing, talking and hoarsenss, and these symptoms were not there before your surgery, you need to get in touch with your surgeon immediately. If they were there before then you need a detailed evaluatin of your throat. Postop nausea is not uncommon after general anesthesia, however, if the symptoms are not going away you need further workup.
Speak to the surgeon. By this time , you should be able to hold the food, speak to your surgeon , take an appointment for examination now.
Not necessarily. Ask your dr for medicines to relieve your symptoms. Without the gallbladder to store bile, the bile goes directly into the small intestine causing your symptoms. There could also be issues with the stomach. The Ibuprofen you're taking may contribute to your symptoms. Discuss with &follow up with your dr. Cut down on fatty foods and dairy products. God bless you!http://www.M.Webmd.Com/a-to-z-guide.