Does it hurt to get a computed tomography done?

No. Not at all except if IV needs placed in your vein for contrast.
No. It is a pain free procedure, if you are claustrophobic discuss this with your doctor.
Essentially no. A ct exam itself does not cause pain. If the exam is ordered with intravenous contrast, you will need an IV placed. Some people can feel the contrast as it is injected, but this is not painful. If the contrast gets escapes the IV line (an extravasation), there is the potential for pain as the contrast builds up in the soft tissues. If this occurs, you need to alert the tech performing the exam.

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Will I get any medicine for pain when I go for the computed tomography?

No. A routine ct does not cause pain. Even if contrast is given, only a small IV is placed and no pain medicine is necessary. If you have an underlying condition that causes pain and limits your ability to lay on your back you may need to talk to the doctor requesting the exam to see if you should take medicine prior to the exam.

What are steps of computed tomography?

Easy test. You will need to lie still on the ct scanner table for about 5 minutes. If the ct scan is order with contrast injection into a vein, then you need to be fasting for 4 hours before the injection and a IV line will be placed temporarily into your arm during the test. If you are having a ct scan of the abdomen, you may need to drink oral contrast to help look at the intestines before the scan.

What is computed tomography stimulation?

See below. I believe you are referring to the use of ct scanner in a new procedure for implanting deep brain stimulation electrodes to treat parkinson disease, & essential tremor, under general anesthesia. The following youtube video shows the procedure: http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=nc7cyadeo_c.

What is risk in regards to computed tomography?

Small. Xrays small risk of cancer. Contrast small risk of reaction or renal damage. Go to acr accredited scanner to be safe. See radiologyinfo. Org.

What is the definition or description of: computed tomography?

Image inside body. Ct uses xrays taken an 360 degrees combined with a computer to see"inside" the body. The table moves as the xray tube and detectors spin around the patient 10 times a second or more! The image shows excellent soft tissue detail, enhanced with injection of intravenous contrast or oral contrast. This way the body is shown in slices, in any plane, usually axially, but often coronal or saggital.

How common is it for someone to need a helical computed tomography?

Very Common Test. 'helical computed tomography' -- a cat scan -- is an immensely valuable test for evaluating diseases of every part of the body. Scanners are widely available, both in hospitals and in outpatient centers, and the images obtained provide valuable insight into many diseases.

What is the definition or description of: computed tomography angiogram cta?

Artery test. A special type of ct scan where intravenous dye is injected, and imaging is timed so that the arteries of interest are maximally opacified by the injected dye. Ct images in this test are acquired rapidly, and the actual scan will likely be done in a matter of seconds. Historically, evaluating the arteries required threading a catheter into the artery of interest. Cta is non-invasive.
Cta. Cta is a method by which using high resolution cat scans one can image various arterial beds either coronary or peripheral vasculature it used radiation and dye.