Red spots recently appearing on chest and little on stomach. How can I fix?

Depends on dx. The treatment or "fix" depends on the dx, for example if they are tiny fungal rashes, then an anti-fungal cream would help, etc. Rashes cannot really be DX over the computer, so it best for you to see a dr. For an evaluation of the area. Best wishes.

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Tiny tiny Red spots all over stomach that come and go. Doesn't hurt, itch, and is flat. Only appear on stomach and chest. Very very small, help.

This could be. a common "heat rash" Are you exposed to warm temperatures when the rash appears?? More info please and (if possible) attach a photo of the rash to your question! Hope this helps! Dr Z. Read more...

I have red spots that are a little bit itchy on my chest and stomach?

Need more info. Are these red spots raised or flat? Large or small? Singular or confluent? New or old? Recurrent, or is this the first time? Have you traveled recently? Unfortunately, it would be difficult to hazard a guess without more information. A consultation with a photograph of the spots would be an excellent idea. Read more...