Which treatment works the best and fastest for lactose intolerance?

Dairy avoidance. Yep, that simple. Very cheap too.
Lactose intolerance? Lactose intolerance is common--25% of caucasians, 80% of afro-americans, almost 100% asians. Lactose intolerance can be secondary to lactase enzyme deficiency, or due to a bigger problem of small bowel inflammation, infection, infiltrative disease, and/or maldigestion. Don't assume its lactose intolerance unless tested, or at least assessed response to lactase enzyme replacement (like lactaid).

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My sister son boy 3year old had lactose intolerance we cut all the milk product what is the treatment of this condition?? is long life problem

Cookies and milk. Lactose intolerance for some is a life time health problem but for others it seems to only last a few months or years. By using alternatives like rice, soy, or almond milk you can enjoy your cookies and milk. After time passes (say a year or two) try regular products again. Start with yogurt and cheese first. Hopefully the intolerance goes away.
See below. Eliminating lactose-containing food is the treatment. If he is better with that dietary change, stick with it for now. Your sister can discuss re-introducing dairy in the future with his pediatrician. Some children do "outgrow" this issue, but some certainly have it through their lives.

When I drink milk or diary products I get hair loss and I have lactose intolerance is any treatment available to treat lactose intolerance?

Lactose Intolerance. Lactose-free dairy products or lactaid pills that contain the lactase enzyme are the only treatments available since this is not a food allergy but rather the loss of an enzyme.