I have one wisdom tooth and it is impacted what can I expect while getting it out? I'm not being sedated either because its only one tooth.

Wisdom tooth. You can expect to feel pushing and pressure. You may also hear some noise. Since your tooth is impacted, the surgeon or dentist will probably have to take it out in pieces, so expect to hear some noise.You may also get some stitches to help the area heal. Be prepared to eat a soft diet for 24-48 hours. Sometimes due to having you mouth open you may experience some muscle stiffness of your jaw.
Lonely wisdom tooth. Impacted wisdom tooth removal is not without side effect. During the procedure you should notice some pressure and pulling sensation against your jaw but being numb in the area will make it painless. Afterward depending on the degree of impaction you may experience some swelling and discomfort. Follow all post op instructions given and take all meds as directed and it should not be too bad. :}.