Can you die from lymphoma?

Yes. This day and age unlikely. Significant numbers of patients can be cured with early detection and treatment.

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Can you die from untreated lymphoma in just 2 years time?

The natural history. Of lymphoma varies widely according to its type and aggressiveness. At one extreme, a lymphoblastic lymphoma may visibly enlarge on a daily basis and, left untreated, will be fatal in days to weeks. At the other extreme, an indolent follicular or small cell lymphoma, may grow slowly for 5 years or more. Other types fall between these two extremes.

Can you die from burkitt lymphoma?

Yes. Burkitt's lymphoma is an aggressive type of cancer that requires treatment with chemotherapy. It can be life threatening without therapy.
Yes. If you have burkitt's, you will certainly die of it unless it is cured. Get the opinion of two pathologists before making any decisions, and be sure the cells are typed by flow cytometry. Chemotherapy cures many but by no means all cases. Good luck.
See below... Burkitt lymphoma is a highly aggressive but potentially curable type of cancer. Cure rates in patients with low stage disease can reach up to 90%. Of course, like with any other cancer, the possibility of a fatal outcome still exists.

Can you die from small bowel lymphoma?

Possible. Small bowel lymphoma can present with symptoms such as obstruction, perforation, bleeding, pain, nausea, vomitting, etc. Which can serious complictions and potentially death. There are various types of bowel lymphoma and after detection treatment plans can be successfully implemented.