How long does it usually take to schedule non-emergency orthopedic surgery?

Depends! Generally outpatient elective orthopedic surgery can be scheduled anywhere from 2/3 days or as long as ~ 6 wks after your DX is made. Depends on how busy your surgeon is, type of elective surgery u are undergoing ( assume ctr) and mundane factors such as insurance 2nd opinions etc... Good luck!
Very difficult 2 say. it depends on a few factors. how busy Ur surgeon is, as well as how crowed is the surgery schedule with all the other surgeons practicing. also if any co-morbidities U may need an internist 2 clear U. also U may B scheduled 4 a certain time, but since elective, Ur case can B bumped by another surgeon that time & day with an emergency.
Depends. Depends on lots of factors, but if your healthy, it can be done the same day in some instances or the next day. No food or drink for 8 hours prior is needed. Commonly elective surgery patients often get their medical doctor to check them out and give them a medical clearance for most surgery, not all. You get blood work to make sure there are no irregularities, an EKG & chest xray for some.Basics.
Medical Bureaucracy. There is no way to answer this question in this forum. Every surgery center will have their own schedules and norms. This would be best directed to your surgeon's office.
Depends. Depending on location, surgeon, type of elective procedure, insurance, hospital, etc, it can be a myriad of possibilities. What procedure are you planning to schedule?