Is facelift a very common procedure?

First tell me what. ...You mean "common" & why that's your main concern.
Yes... Facelifts and mini-lifts are effective treatments for specific concerns in the appearance...Mainly sagging in the lower face and neck area. If you are considering such a procedure, go see a qualified facial plastic surgeon to make sure you recommendations specific to your appearance. A facelift may or may not be the best way to improve your appearance. Good luck1.
Less common now. With the advent of neurotoxins, fillers, and lasers the frequency of face lift surgery has decreased. It is still a very common aesthetic procedure.
Yes. Facelift is a very common procedure. It is even becoming more common in younger patients (after 40) as a mini-facelift to prevent further aging.
Facelift- common? Plastic surgery of the face has become more available. Facelifts are performed daily all over the country for movie stars and for regular people. There are many types of facelifts. You can have your face evaluated by a board certified surgeon who has expertise in facial rejuvenation.
Yes. Facelifts are still done quite frequently. While there is Botox and filler treatments, if what is needed is resuspension of the soft tissues, a facelift can be very powerful. Make sure you seek out a well trained and experienced surgeon.
Yes +. Although there is a lot of reporting on the rising trend of non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques in the news, surgical facelifts remain quite routine and are still performed frequently.
Yes. According to america society for aesthetic plastic surgery statistics, over 115, 000 facelifts were performed by board-certified plastic surgeons in 2011, up 17% from 1997. This data does not include surgery performed by non-plastic surgeons. Over the same period, Botox use increased from 66, 000 sessions to over 2.6 million (up 3921%)! from 2010-2011 a 1% increase in cosmetic surgery was seen.
Yes. It is in my practice. We perform several facelift procedures a week. Facelifts of the past were sometimes artificial looking, but today, facelifts are safer, less invasive, and require less healing time. They can be performed in an office setting and are often performed for maitenance at younger ages, rather than correction.
Yes. Facelift surgery is a very common and popular procedure. Try to have an in person consultation with a Facial Plastic Surgeon in order to discuss the benefits of this procedure. Hope this helps.
Facelifts are common. Facelift surgery addresses loose skin in the face and neck. There are many other procedures that can also enhance facial appearance (surgically and nonsurgically). Facelifts are common surgical procedures and are safe in the hands of a plastic surgeon.
Yes. A facelift is a very common procedure, and in my practice it is one of the more common ones that i perform. A facelift can include rejuvenation of the eyes, brow, neck and skin as well. The best option for you is what you and your experienced plastic surgeon will agree upon. Be well and good luck.