I have pain over the bony point of the clavicle at the left base of my neck with radiating pain into the pecs and shoulder. Muscle strain?

Complex Joint. The shoulder is a complex joint, & many conditions/ injuries (rotator cuff injury, bursitits, tendonitis, labral pathology, etc).Can cause pain/ weakness. Some injuries of the soulder occur due to acute injury and some are from overuse. Ii suggest you see an orthopedist for a complete exam. http://drmarkgalland.com/category/shoulder/.
May be more... The problem is a musculoskeletal issue but not a strain. If you have had any trauma to your clavicle, you may have a subluxed (mildly displaced) clavicle which leads to radiating pain in those specific areas. An xray might help demonstrate pathology. If you have no contra-indications, i would recommend scheduled nsaid's also to help with any inflammation that may be limiting recovery.