Cholesterol 156. Triglycerides 65. Ldl 96. Hdl 38. How bad is this? I'm on propranolol

Normal. Your values are normal. The HDL is a bit on the low side - you can increase it and your health by exercising every day (at least 5 days a week). Try somthing you enjoy like a sport: golf, tennis, handball, baseball etc. Walking with an mp3 player is my favorite!

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My total cholesterol was 156, triglycerides- 75, ldl- 103... But my HDL was 38! I'm only 18. Should I take a statin? I have WPW & hbp. On propranolol

No reason for statin. Having a low HDL is not a reason to start taking a statin. Exercise is the best way to get your HDL up. If you are overweight, lose weight. Eat healthy fats, like olive oil, and coconut oil. Eat nuts. Avoid inflammatory fats like trans fats. Read more...