Do doctors see a lot of patients with oropharyngeal cancer?

Certain doctors do. Medical oncologist, radiation oncologists and ear nose and throat doctors see a lot of cases of oropharyngeal cancer.
Oral cancer screen. There are definite risk factors associated with oral cancer. Have your dentist do a screen to evaluate for oral cancer on an annual basis, many insurances are now covering this procedure in addition. If a suspicious area is evident, you will be promptly referred to your ENT or primary care MD for further evaluation.

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Do lots of people get oropharyngeal cancer, or is it unusual?

Not very common. Oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas are relatively uncommon malignancies with approximately 123, 000 cases of oropharyngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer diagnosed worldwide each year. Read more...
It is about. 4 times more common than cervical cancer! Yet very rarely brought before the public (media bias?, sensationalism?). BOTH can be caused by the same HPV virus. Read more...