I am 41 & have 4 uterine fibroids: 66x60, 34x38, 23x28, 36x38mm. Size not changed over 12months. New cyst 43x40 in the left ovary. What should I do?

What are your goals? It is advisable to consider any future fertility goals, duration, and severity of the symptoms. There are many reasonable options for this condition, but choosing the appropriate management strategy will involve your goals for the future. Options include re-imaging and following cyst, laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy and/or myomectomy, or hysterectomy with preservation of the unaffected ovary.

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Uterus-Measures 9.1 cm. Endometrial echo complex measures 1.0 cm. 13 mm lower uterine fibroid. Nabothian cysts Nonvisualized left ovary means?

Sonogram findings. Individual sonogram reports must be interpreted in the proper clinical context. Contact the ordering physician who can interpret it based on your symptoms. They may want to do further testing to evaluate the endometrial mass. Read more...