Is thallium stress test a very common procedure?

Very common. A thallium stress test is an extremely common procedure that allows the doctor to monitor the electrical activity in your heart while you walk on a treadmill with a continuous ekg (usually takes 10min) and to take "before and after pics" of your heart. Pictures are taken before and after walking to see if there is an area of low blood flow, which suggests blockage in a coronary artery.

Related Questions

What is a thallium stress test procedure?

Checks heart functio. Thallium is a radioactive (minimally) isotope that is used to study the pumping capability of the heart, usually after heart attack or prior to surgery in someone with cardiac disease. Sometimes it's done simply to ensure proper cardiac capability in someone with risk factors or prior heart issues. It involves mild to increasing exercise to "stress" the heart and assess function under effort!

Is the thallium stress test a risky thing to do?

Not generally. Some people are concerned that stressing a heart that does have coronary artery disease can cause heart attack. Fortunately never seems to be the case. Can get arrythmia from some meds, but complications also quite rare. Usually benefit far outweighs risk.

What do I need to bring along to do the thallium stress test?

Just you. Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes (assuming it is an "exercise" not "chemical" stress). Don't eat or drink anything after midnight. Don't smoke for at least 4 hours before the test, and ask your doctor if you should adjust your morning medications (particularly Insulin if diabetic or a beta blocker - which is a blood pressure medication).

What is the definition or description of: thallium stress test?

Stress with Thallium. A radioactive isotope of thallium, often 201, is injected iv. Heart muscle cells pump some of the radioactive thallium inside; less if blood flow past the cells is limited. Thus cells (or scar tissue) with low blood flow intake less thallium & emit less radiation. A gamma camera detects some of the radiation which exits the body. Only severe, not mild, artery disease complications can be detected.

Having thallium stress test on heart, is it painful?

No. I have had many of these and other than fatigue on the treadmill, no problems.

Can my regular doctor do the thallium stress test in his clinic?

Probably not. Thallium stress test are usually done in a hospital's nuclear medicine division of the radiology department. Your regular doctor or cardiologist may be present when the test is performed, especially to monitor the patient.

Is a thallium stress test optional or mandatory before getting a stent in your heart?

Depends on symptoms. Acute coronary syndromes, complete w chest pain, ECG changes, and biomarker elevation are an indication for catheterization and possible stent implantation without additional testing. Short of acute symptoms, noninvasive testing (such as myocardial perfusion imaging, or stress echocardiography) help define a clinical need to assess for a physiologically significant coronary obstruction.