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How fast can I make my penile discharge go away?

Depends. Penile discharge can be from infections of the lining of the tract such as gonorrhea or from infection in the bladder (which usually carries a great sense of urgency to urinate). Your family doctor should be seen quickly or a urologist. The speed of treatment effect depends upon the organism and its susceptibility.

Do symptoms like penile discharge go away quickly?

Std. Penile discharge can be a sign of std....Get checked by your doc for this symptom!

Penile discharge is cured is it ok to make love again?

Don't know what. The cause of your penile discharge was? Did you have an std? What did the provider indicate? For instance you could have one time pill to treat symptom-less chlamydia - but still need to refrain from sexual encounters for seven days. Ask your provider.
Yes - use a condom. Rather than risk re-infection or a new infection, be socially responsible to protect yourself and your partner (s) from infection and pregnancy and use a condom.
May be... Usually, yes, but make sure your sexual partner (I assume you're monogamous.) was treated also. But, still no guaranty because many persons - treated or untreated - may become asymptomatic but as STD-carriers like HPV, herpes, even gono. Nonetheless, realize this reality and practice low-risk healthy lifestyle without overindulgence / obsession as foundation fo healthcare and key to longevity.

What is the definition or description of: penile discharge?

Penile discharge. Fluid passed through the urethra that is not urine or semen. In most cases penile discharge is a symptom of an infectious process in the urethra, termed urethritis. It can vary in consistency and color and requires evaluation by a medical professional to correctly arrive at a diagnosis and proper treatment. Common organisms that cause penile discharge are n. Gonorrhoeae and c. Trachomatis.

Pls am having penile discharge with sometimes pains. But very little pain.

See answer. Penile/urethral discharge most commonly related to a std infection: chlamydia or gc. Also can be seen with prostatitis. Recommend urinalysis, culture, std screening and appropriate treatment in a timely fashion.

Does penile discharge drip out or does it have to be squeezed out for visibility?

Either. Depending on the type of infection, either may be the case. See your doctor if have this problem.
Yes. It depends on viscosity, same condition can drip / ooze / sit-until-expressed. Usually greatest "hint" is discomfort (aka "fire") that is often associated, but not always. If concerned, see your dr / county "std clinic" / urgent care for exam.

Should I stop doing excersice and other cardio activities due to my penile discharge problem?

Penile Discharge. See you have had female to male gender change surgery. Get seen medically to find out why you have a penile discharge rather than ceasing physical activities.