Is the botox injections a risky thing to do?

Botox is safe. Botulinum toxin (dysport, botox, etc) is a very predictable and safe procedure when done by an experienced physician. Any procedure carries risks (just like riding in a car) but those risks are quite small. Seek out a qualified facial plastic surgeon. He/she will be able to discuss the risks of Botox injections and answer all your questions.
Botox is safe. When used for cosmetic purposes there have not been any fatalities. When given in large dosages for other conditions - not cosmetic - there has been a few isolated fatalities. Your dermatologist will be able to review with you the small risks associated with it's usage.
No. Botox injection, when performed by an experienced physician, is a very safe procedure.
Botox is safe. In general Botox injections are very safe. Always look into the credentials of your physician. I recommend a board certified specialist.
No. Botox, Dysport or xeomin (incobotulinumtoxin a) is only risky if performed by a poorly trained physician. Many professionals are simply trying to inject Botox to make extra money but have no care about their patients. Experience is another key to successful Botox injections. You want your dr to be able to treat any side effects too. I always tell my patients that you don't want to bargain when it comes to your body!
Safe. I agree with dr fox. Botox has a very strong safety profile when used in the proper way for cosmetic applications. The duration of action is between 2-4 months. Seek treatment from well trained providers.
Safe in good hands. Any product can be used improperly if the injector using it is improperly trained. In general, the risks are very few and the results yield a balanced and rested facial appearance. Botox is usually placed in the upper facial muscles. Slightly riskier when injected around the mouth. Best results are when the areas injected are smoothed out and not overly done.
Actually very safe. Only issue I have encountered in treatment of migraines and neck dystonia is occasional lack of efficacy, and sometimes loss of prior efficacy. If dosed too high could cause some muscle weakness, but this wears off after several weeks. Seems very safe if protocols are followed.
Usually not. If performed by a properly trained and experienced partitioner, there has never been a case of serious side effects from cosmetic use of botox. Droopy brow and other temporary side effects are common. Headaches blurred vision and even double vision could occur but are temporary. Counterfeit products are being sold on the internet and could be dangerous.