What is drug-resistant tb?

Emerging threat. Tb is a bacteria that is killed by certain antibiotics. When the antibiotic is unable to kill the bacteria, because said bacteria found a way to defend against the antibiotic, then they have become resistant. This is a concern since we have a limited number of effective antibiotics, when we loose them, we cannot treat TB anymore.

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Drug-resistant TB - are you worried you will die from it?

Serious problem. I'm not worried because I don't have it. But it's a serious problem worldwide. Multi-drug resistant TB (mdrtb) is still treatable, but extremely drug resistant TB (xdrtb) is hard to treat and often fatal.

What is multidrug-resistant TB and extensively drug-resistant tb?

See below. Multidrug resistant TB is resistant to at least inh and rifampicin. Extensively drug resistant is resistant to at least inh, rifampicin, and a quinolone and at least one of the following: kanamycin, capreomycin, or amikacin. In short, these are cases of TB where the bacterium is increasingly immune to the most important tools that we have to fight it.

How can I be safe. I'm pregnant amd im exposed to a drug resistant TB patient?

Mask. Avoid contact if possible, but if you cannot wear a mask.
You need to tell. Your doctor about the degree of exposure to this patient. He needs to find out what the resistance pattern of the organism that the patient has, what treatment has been started and if the patient's sputa are still smear or culture positive. Consultation with an id doc would be useful.

What to do if I have drug-resistant tuberculosis, and don't believe in evolution! Help!?

Real help. No physician cares if you've bought into creationism, or if it 'offends' you to be told that TB has evolved resistance to antimicrobial drugs. You're still in serious danger. Thankfully, most TB is still susceptible to some medications that you should be able to get in the USA. You have an absolute duty to stay where you can't infect others. A good infectious disease Dr and the CDC can help you.

What is drug resistant tuberculosis?

Extremely dangerous! Statistically speaking, when you take antibiotics, you want to kill 100% of bad bacteria (tuberculosis). However, even if you take meds as directed, at best you might get rid of 99.99999% which leaves 0.00001% hanging around who've figured out what to do against that antibiotic. If you don't take as directed, even more will be left behind w/secret to defend against antibiotic & voila drug resistan.
As it says. Tb that is resistant to the two best drugs, inh and rifampin, is called mulridrug resistant tb.

Please tell me if there is any cure for drug-resistant tuberculosis?

Drug-resistant TB. Drug resistant TB comes in 2 classifications; mdr and xdr, meaning multi drug -resistant and extensively drug resistant. These are based on culture of the TB bacillus and sensitivity testing. The more antibiotics the bacillus is resistant to the harder it is to treat, especially because it usually means it is resistant to the most effective drugs. Still, successful treatment may be possible.

Could you give me 3 treatments for drug resistant tuberculosis?

Treatment for this. Condition is best through your infectious disease specialist or private physician. You entered this submission on the health education site of HealthTap.