What could cause my left side ache and throb and. Under rib cage could it be my liver?

Anatomy. The liver is under your right breast. It is not on the left side and thus could not be the cause of left abdominal pain. On the left is the colon, spleen, pancreas and stomach.

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Why does my right side ache under rib cage? I feel it when I lay down at night. Could it be my fatty liver?

I doubt it! Senstions in the abdomen are rarely due to these reasons. There are very little sesory nerve fibers in the abdomen but for irritation to the peritonum and distention , r side of the colon is more distensible than the l. Read more...

Left side pain in location of spleen under rib cage. Pain increases whenever I lean back or breathe in. Started 3 days ago, same pain level.

Evaluation needed. Three days of this discomfort requires an evaluation by a physician who will take a thorough history and perform a careful physical examination in order to make a diagnosis.Appropriate tests will be ordered. Possibilities include muscular discomfort, spleen or left lower lobe lung pathology ,even a pinched intercostal nerve or a rib injury. Read more...