Do I have to see a specialist to get a gastric bypass ordered?

Ordered no, done yes. Need a thorough, multidisciplinary evaluation, including psychologic, before the procedure is done. Needs to be done by a specialist/bariatric surgeon in a "center of excellence" which does at least 100/yr, with good results and follow up. Can have lots of complications during and afterward; need high quality care.
No. Some insurances require your primary care physician to refer you to a bariatric surgeon, especially if you're a member of an hmo.The majority of insurances, however have open access and allow you to see a specialist without a referral.If you are financing the procedure yourself, then it's not necessary.Find a quality surgeon in your area with experience and recognized as a center of excellence(coe).
Yes. A surgeon trained in bariatrics will do the procedure. Any reputable surgeon will take you through a thorough process to determine your suitability of the procedure and carefully work up your health. You will also learn the strict requirements you will need to follow for possibly the rest of your life. Gastric bypass should be treated as one of the most important decisions of your life.
Just a surgeon. . You normally can simply contact a bariatric surgeon directly. However some insurance companies require a referral from your primary. Also a good idea to get your primary doctors opinion. Best to search for someone with experience.

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My aunt is having her third gastric bypass. "john doe" bariatrdoctor in this small town is going to do it. Shouldn't she go to more of a specialist?

Second opinion. Is desirable at least! repeat surgery increases risk and reduces chance if benefit! be careful. Read more...
Revision. Absolutely. Even for a first time gastric bypass, it should be done by someone who is very experienced. A second or third operation is a revision and not only are they difficult, but the risk of complications is much higher. She should be going to a surgeon who specializes in revisions and does them routinely. The average surgeon doesn't usually have that much experience with revisions. Read more...