Is bronchiolitis curable?

Resolves. It is a viral disease that goes away after a few days. The body fight is off and it runs its course.
Bronchiolitis. usually caused by RSV and other viruses refers to inflammation in the smaller airways referred to as bronchioles it tends to worsen during the first 3 days and tends to improve after that.There is no effective treatment but if breathing gets worse than breathing treatments with racemic epinephrine and Albuterol is used along with steroids . Children who get this infection tend to wheeze.
It will heal itself. Bronchiolitis is an inflamatory process in the tiny air tubes in the lung.The agent(mostly viral) injures tiny cells that the body will repair over time.Heavy mucous buildup often blocks air passage and the small airways spasm & cause wheezing. Smaller infants may need hospital care(o2, IV fluids, suction) while kids >16-20 lb usually do well at home. Some need abx for added pbs like ear infections.
No. Bronchiolitis is a viral infection of small airways in the lung, and has no treatment other than time. There is very good eveidence that the use of albuterol, aerasolized epinephrine, and steroids do not alter the course of bronchiolitis. Some patients may need supportive care with IV fluids, and oxygen until the infection improves.

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Is bronchiolitis curable in adults and is it lifethreatening?

Depends . It depends somewhat on the basic health of the patient. In most, i classify this midway between a cold and pneumonia in its effect on someones health & activities.Most respond well to proper management but often remain symptomatic with some cough for weeks. Read more...
Yes, no. In adults, bronchiolitis usually is a mild disease. Goes away on its own and rarely threatens an adult's life. In the elderly and those who may be immunocompromised it may pose more serious threats. Read more...