Which hormones exactly deficient in pcos. .. Me quite confused is it a deficiency of progesterone or estrogen levels r increased or both r deficient?

Variable. No one quite knows what "causes" pcos. There is a relative increase in testosterone from the ovary in response to elevated lh from the pituitary gland. Elevated testosterone in the ovary inhibits ovulation from the ovary leading to menstrual cycle changes. Pcos women also may have Insulin resistance and have trouble regulating blood sugar leading to increased weight.

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I have pcos how do I know I have estrogen deficiency? Progesterone deficiency is there cause I have irregular periods?

Neither. You don't have either deficiency; pcos is not a "deficiency" syndrome. Women with pcos tend to have normal estrogen levels but don't ovulate as often or regularly as normal women, when they do ovulate the Progesterone levels are normal. Read more...