Are some people more prone to getting cataract?

Yes, but... We are all prone to getting cataracts. They are a normal aging change in the eyes, causing our natural lenses to lose clarity. Some individuals may get cataracts at an earlier age due to exposure to certain chemicals or ultraviolet; others may have a family tendency toward early cataracts. There is currently no treatment to prevent cataracts, although a short procedure will permanently remove them.
Yes. Some peoples genetics cause sooner formation of cataracts. Usage of steroids or steroid drops can make you more prone to cataract. Trauma to the eye can make one more prone. Surgery on they eye can make you more prone.
Yes. Some people are at increased risk of getting cataracts: Advanced age; Diabetes; A family history of cataracts; Smoking; Extensive exposure to sunlight; Previous eye injury or inflammation (swelling) in the eye; poor diet (lack of antioxidants). More info: [email protected]
To a small extent. Except for special cases like trauma and cataracts at birth, most cataracts fall along a bell shaped curve usually starting in the 40s with a peak in the 70s and some in the 90s still not getting a significant change. I don't think that people are "prone" to getting cataract but if you live long enough, you will probably get them.