Can my regular doctor do the needle aponeurotomy in his clinic?

No. This procedure is deceptively technical. It should only be done by a genuine hand surgery specialist.
Hand Surgeon. No! see a hand surgeon trained in the technique. The bevel of a small needle is used to cut through the cord which is causing the contracture. It was developed by a group of paris rheumatologists who i trained with in 2004. More info on my web page: http://centraljerseyhand.Com/dupuytrens-contracture-surgery.Htm.
Needle Aponeurotomy. No no no a thousand times...No it should be done by a hand surgeon well versed and experienced in open surgery for dupuytrens but here is a resource, a podcast that talk about needle aponeurotomy and xiaflex (collagenase clostridium histolyticum) and dupuytrens as wll as a page form our offices website http://www.Handsurgerypodcast.Com/dupuytrens-disease.Html http://www.Handctr.Com/dupuytrens-disease-faq.Html.