My heels/side of my feet are a really really dark color I scrape & peel off the dead skin/callous nothing works it started since I been wearing hills.

Wearing high heels. If wearing shoes, especially womens dress heels barefooted, you can create a lot of friction from motion of feet in shoes. If you wear hosiery it will likely help. Also, daily footcare using exfoliating creams/soaps/lotions and/or pumice stonehi can help remove surface layers of builtup callus and keep skin soft and more elastic.
Have it evaluated. Some causes of corns or calluses include: friction, pressure, repetitive trauma, and a limitation of joint motion. Some may develop bleeding under the callus resulting in a darkened discoloration of the underlying skin. You may benefit with the use of a special topical moisturize and the use of a pumice stone or an emory board. Consult with your podiatrist and determine the best approach for you.
Likely Callous. The friction caused by heels can cause callous build up. Uses cream with 47% urea and file down with emory board.