How can I treat a groin hernia?

Surgical Repair. Groin(inguinal)hernias are easily repaired via out-patient surgery. They may be repaired via a traditional "open" approach or via minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery. The optimal approach varies based on patient factors and surgeon preference.I favor the laparoscopic approach due to less pain/faster recovery, especially for double- or recurrent hernias.Like all operations, experience matters!
Surgery. There are multiple types of inguinal hernia. All are corrected surgically. Anesthetic options range from sedation with local anesthetic, spinal or general anesthesia. Smaller hernias can be more dangerous than large ones because they can trap and kill bowel more easily. Large ones can be quite symptomatic, though. If it cannot be reduced -pushed in-, go to er for evaluation.
Get an operation! A hernia repair is the only way to make this better. This is done by a surgeon. Although you could wait and see, the hernia definitely won't get any better, and will probably get worse. Today we do hernias laparoscopically, which get you back to work faster and hurts much less. You should look for a surgeon who repairs hernias this way.