What can I use for bruising if I don't have a doctor?

Bromelin and arnica. Use ice at the start when the bruise is forming to decrease how large the bruise gets. Once the bruise is already there, then herbal supplementation with either bromelin (found in pineapples or pills) or arnica (pill or cream) have been shown to help the bruise to go down faster. Both bromelin and arnica are available in health food stores.

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What can I use for easy bruising if I don't have a doctor?

First Check CBC. Easy bruising could be normal, familial.... Most important is to check blood count, platelet, hemoglobin... What about after shaving or menses..Are they heavy... ? All these are manifestations of abnormal bleeding...If all normal, take oranges and other citrus fruits..Or vitamin c half to one gram a day for a trial and see..Avoid trauma, hard physical contact...Just common sense. Read more...