My urine has been foamy for a number months, I have abdominal pain frequently, and am currently developing flu like symptoms. Are these related?

See your doctor. Foamy urine can be a sign of protein in the urine and needs to be checked out. It's pretty easy for your doctor to test your urine for protein right in the office with a "dipstick" normally there is no protein in your urine. The list of things that can cause this is long but includes diabetes and inflammation of the kidneys as well as diseases that cause abnormal proteins to be made in your body.

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Abdominal pain for two weeks doctors think it's gastritis or constipation I am now having flu like symptoms no nausea with a fever what's going on?

Many causes. Many possible causes for flu like symptoms with abdominal pain ... Evaluation includes making sure you aren't pregnant, doing a pelvic examination to look for uterine and ovarian causes sometimes a simple trial of antacids (h2 blockers) can reveal the source. Please be sure to get followup with your doctor if this doesn't improve on its own. Read more...