Can consuming raw apple cider vinegar cause constipation?

Not known to but... Apple cider vinegar is a widely used folk remedy, but like most folk remedies research on it is limited. As best as I can tell, it is not known to cause constipation (see http://altmedicine. About. Com/od/applecidervinegardiet/a/applecidervineg. Htm) and on this website 17 of 21 people reported it was a useful home remedy to treat constipation: http://www. Earthclinic. Com/cures/constipation. Html#acv.

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How is apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and honey to relieve constipation?

Poor choice. Occasional constipation responds best to a real laxative such as milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide). Frequent constipation should prompt a check for thyroid disease and porphyria; if it's new, a check for colon cancer is of course indicated. If no medical cause is found, get some good advice on diet and drinking enough water. Best wishes.

Could apple cider vinegar cause permanent damage to your face?

Apple Cider Vinegar. I understand your concern. If apple cider vinegar is in contact with skin of the face for up to 20 seconds, it is likely that there will not be harm. If it is left for over 2 hours, there may be risk of chemical burn injuries. Your Face is Precious! Consult a Dermatologist.

Can apple cider vinegar CAUSE frozen shoulder?

Nonstop. Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is the stiffness and limited range of motion of a shoulder as a result of immobilization. Treatment includes range of motion exercises and possible steroid injections. Intake of vinegar has no causal effect nor efficacy in resolving the issue.
No. While the cause of "frozen shoulder" -adhesive capsulitis - isn't always understood, it is associated with immobilization (as in not moving your arm around the shoulder joint) and various disease states like diabetes, seem to increase a person's risk of developing this. Apple cider vinegar isn't a known cause; some people suggest using the external application of apple cider vinegar as a treatment.

Can I have raw apple cider vinegar, how much everyday?

Depends on... Without knowing one's individual details, a doctor would not be able to tell if any particular vinegar would be good, bad, or have no effect on a that person. But, for what health benefit would somebody want to drink any type of vinegar? Vinegar is good for pickling foods, and making foods taste more special, but vinegar is not necessary for normal health.

I have acid reflux an I keep getting told to drink raw apple cider vinegar? Will that help?

DGL. DGL is licorice w/an enzyme removed which could raise BP if taken over a long period of time. DGL is used as a natural replacement for acid blockers. It coats the stomach and esophagus. Peace and good health. If you are on an acid blocker and switch (ask doc first) you may have a rebound effect for a while. Apple cider vinegar 9get it "w/the mother" is also used. Put it in a little water.