I had ANA 1:160+, ESR 29 CRP 0.1 autoantibodies show ssa of 8 (0-40 is neg) and scl-70 ENA ab of 3 (0-40 is neg) wouldn't this be scleroderma? Not lupus? Why would lupus patient have scl-70 markers?

Not just antibodies. If the scl-70 titer is 3, as you wrote, it falls within the normal range and is not positive. More importantly, scleroderma is not diagnosed on the basis of antibody studies, but rather clinical findings such as skin thickening, raynaud's phenomenon, lung fibrosis, or pulmonary hypertension. A certain percentage of scleroderma patients are even negative for ana.
Antibodies & disease. Healthy people may have low level antibodies. That's why there is a range of normal from 0 to 40 in this case. Low levels (negative) antibodies doesn't mean you have the disorder. There are criteria for diagnosis of each rheumatologic disorder. That said, there are also overlap syndromes like mixed connective tissue disease that can have features of several conditions. Talk to your rheumatologist.