Trying to get my 4 mo. Old from sleeping in swing at night to crib. Tonight he laid in crib and startled himself awale multiple times. Tried to soothe?

Sleeping infant. Continue to put him in his crib (on his back) until he get comfortable. This may take several "frustrating" nights, but he will get use to it if you are consistent.
Teaching sleep habit. Babies learn by association. If they know the last thing they experience before falling asleep is rocking or drinking a bottle, they learn to expect this. If you place the baby in his crib when he is sleepy he will learn to associate the crib with sleep. You may want to gently pat his back if he wakes for a couple of nights until he re-learns to sleep. Be patient, babies learn very fast!
Consistency. Have a bedtime routine to get him calmed down, but put him in the crib while still awake. Leave the room and let him fall asleep alone. If he fusses, go in and calm him without picking him up or feeding him again. Repeat every 5, 10, 15 minutes until he falls asleep. The time for settling down should get shorter quickly.If he wakes in the night, try to do the same things to help him fall asleep.