What to do for all over weakness and tiredness and soreness from having an autoimmune disease and I want to go on a trip but to weak?

Fatigue and weakness. Talk to your rheumatologist. When an autoimmune disease is active, it is very common to have fatigue and weakness, however, with treatment, many patients find that these symptoms go away. Maybe you need to have some additional testing to see how well your illness is controlled. Most of the time, you will feel better with better control of the inflammation.

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Best way to diagnose an autoimmune disease. I have all classic symptoms pain, low, fever, extreme weakness, ck level 1700 problems swallowing.?

See a rheumatologist. Auto-immune disorders can be difficult to diagnose. It would be prudent to consult your doctor to see if reference to a rheumatologist is warranted. Diagnosis requires history, physical examination, lab tests and expertise to interpret the results. Read more...