What is the best treatment for lung cancer (nsclc)?

Talk to your doctor. Depends on your health and the stage of the disease. In early stages, surgery is the best way to go. In later stages, chemotherapy is appropriate. Here it becomes way too complicated. In brief, certain tumor markers are very helpful in determining the appropriate chemotherapy to use.
Radiation also. Radiation therapy is also an important part of the management of more advanced lung cancers such as stage iiia, iiib. It is important to be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary team (i.e. Surgeon, medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist).
Depends on stage. In the medically fit individually, the standard of care upfron therapy for stage I -iib nsclc is surgery. For stage iiia either chemotherapy +/- radiation followed by surgery or chemoradiation alone. For stage iiia - iv, therapy is chemotherapy +/- radiation. See cancer. Gov.
See below. Depends on clical stage and pathology and molecular status (egfr/alk mutation status).

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My mom is a rare case right lung has nsclc removed one third of lung cancer free but the left one has sclc doc ordered six and half weeks of radiatio?

Reasonable. It is possible to have two different lung tumors at the same time. If there is no evidence of cancer outside the chest a combination of radiation and chemotherapy together would be the best proven therapy for the small cell lung cancer.
CigSmokeCarcinogens. Carcinogens in cigarrete smoke contact most of cells in aerodigestive system. Synchonous or metachronous carcinomas may arise from different cell lines. Prognosis depends on staging.
See below. I will certainly need more information to make a recommendation; however, from what I understand she has an early stage nsclc on rt and had surgery; sclc is a very chemotherapy sensitive disease; I am not clear how the sclc on the left is being handled; typically early stage sclc is treated with chemotherapy and radiation; you need to see a medical oncologist and your case needs to be discussed;.

What is the best treatment for lung cancer?

DEPENDS. There are 3 main modalities to treat lung cancer: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. It all depends on stage of disease. It also depends on histology (type) of lung cancer. Oncologist will help in guiding what would be the best treatment in each case.
Depends on the stage. Lung cancer treatment depends on stage. The extent the cancer has spread is described by the stage (1-4). In general: stage 1 cancer is usually best treated by surgery. Stage 2 cancer is usually best treated with surgery and chemotherapy. Treatment of stage 3 cancer is controversial and often involves some combination of chemotherapy radiation and surgery. Stage 4 is treated with chemotherapy.
Depends on stage. In the medically fit individually, the standard of care upfron therapy for stage I -iib nsclc is surgery. For stage iiia either chemotherapy +/- radiation followed by surgery or chemoradiation alone. For stage iiia - iv, therapy is chemotherapy +/- radiation. For early stage lung cancer, surgery can often be done minimally invasively. Http://bit. Ly/csjsqa.

What is the best treatment for lung cancer?

Depends on type. There are different kind of lung cancers, also they present at different stages (how advanced). Doctor has to decide based on above info.
Lung cancer. Current literature revealed death from lung cancer in US is about 160, 000 a year, nearly haft are women. Two kinds of lung cancer: 1)non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and 2) small cell lung cancer (SCLC). Treatment for for stage 1 &2 NSCLC is complete resection of tumor if possible, and chemo to follow if indicated. Stage 3 and 4 chemo and radiation. For SCLC chemotherapy is treatment of choice.

Where is the best place I can take my husband for stage 4 lung cancer treatment close to va east cosst?

Nearest Cancer Ctr. The nearest hospital will be able to help you. Your family doctor is the best guidance you will get. Teaching hospitals and community hospitals have resources that will address you concerns. Try and manage his care as close to your home as possible.
Johns Hopkins. Johns hopkins is probably the best known academic medical center in your area.

Can you tell me about the best small cell lung cancer treatment nowadays?

See below. Treatment of small cell lung cancer depends on the stage. If it is limited stage the treatments involve chemotherapy along with radiation and if it is extensive stage then chemotherapy is the main stay of treatment (though in some situations palliative radiation can be considered).

What are the best treatments for late stage lung cancer based on pathology type?

Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy plus minus biological agent will be the treatment in advance stage lung cancer. The type of treatment will depend on the pathology (small cell vs non small cells (adeno, squamous, large cells etc), and other more sophisticated biomarkers/ genetic analysis profile- ie. Egfr mutation status, alk-1, etc. See your oncologist and discuss further regarding treatment option in detail.
Chemotherapy. Whatever the type of malignancy, late stage, i.e. Stage iv, suggests the tumor has gone beyond local control and cannot be treated effectively except with chemotherapy, commonly platinum-based. However, this does not preclude surgery or radiorx which may limit "tumor-burden" and relieve some symptoms. Chemotherapy is ideal for small-cell carcinoma.
Variable. If I had recurrent small cell carcinoma that had become refractory to chemotherapy, I would thank my caregivers and go to hospice; pain-management / comfort-measures only. If I had one of the "never-smoker" cancers likely to respond to the new agents, i'd try "iressa" or something similar. For non-small-cell, I would ask my would-be oncologist some hard questions and make an informed choice.