A friend of mine has painful urrination she also has pressure in her vaginal area and nervouus to go to doctor what could this be so I could tell her?

Bladder infection. A bladder infection is a common cause of painful peeing. It's important to go see a doc because a bladder infection can get worse and become a kidney infection. Other things to think about: vaginal infection/imbalance. You're a good friend!
Probably UTI. The most common cause of painful urination is a simple bacterial bladder infection which can also cause "pressure" sensations and is easy to treat. Yeast vaginitis is another culprit, as are sti's (sexually transmitted infections). There are other more serious, but much less common causes. A urinary tract infection (UTI) is easy to diagnose and your friend should trust her doctor with a visit.
Infection. This could be something very minor like a urinary tract infection, which can often be treated very quickly. Get seen, tested, and treated as appropriate.