Sometime at the moment of the plane landing, my head bone fell like its going to crash, very painful. Why is this happen?

Sinus Pressure. You probably have pressure in your sinuses from the air pressure change. As airplanes descend from 30, 000 feet to sea level there is a change in the air pressure causing a "squeeze" on your ears and sinuses. You should try to "equalize" these pressures by chewing gum, sucking on hard candy, or drinking small sips during descent. Holding your nose and blowing to gently "pop" your ears also helps.
Ear pain on plane. Prior to the plane beginning its descent you can spray a nasal decongestant like afrin in each nostril and it can help you equalize the pressure on the ear drums. Do not use afrin regularly, however! it can lead to tissue damage to the delicate tissue inside your nose.