Adult asthma. On qvar. Mainly short of breath when I walk up stairs, exercise. I do have allergies. Worried about side effects of med.

Not med. If the only time you have shortness of breath is when you walk up a flight of stairs, and not when exercising, and it resolves right away and is not associated with pain or coughing , i would presume you are still out of shape. It certainly is not the med( i was a pharmacist for20 years too), and does not sound like asthma or heart.
However, 100% of. 100% of people with allergies have excercised induced asthma! usually a dry- hacky cough also occurs with the breath shortness. But being deconditioned worsens eia, since your preceived exertion occurs at a lower level. No one should be incapacitated by it!

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Out of breath when walk up stairs or exercise. Spiro fef 38% and fev 59%.. Is qvar the best med for this. Adult onset asthma. Out of shape. Age 57.

Management plans. From your description, your asthma or lung problems are not under control as yet. Developing an asthma plan, taking the asthma control test and bringing this with you to your next visit, along with spirometry will help your physician determine the best treatment. Knowing what triggers your asthma and avoiding environmental factors that trigger the symptoms is an important part of the management. Read more...