I really want to have a baby how do donor eggs work? Whats the procedure. Can I pick my own donor

Donor Eggs. Donor egg ivf means using another woman's eggs with your partner's sperm (or donor sperm). The donor eggs come from ivf by the donor. You can pick a known donor (family or friend) or anonymous (unknown - sometimes identity disclosed) that matches your desires ("catalog"). Sometimes egg already frozen (new technique) usually ivf after picking. Success 56% national, up to 82% selected centers.
Agency vs Known. You can use a relative or a friend, or an anonymous donor through an agency. There are multiple agencies across the country, your donor can, but does not have to be, from your area. Usually these are pre-screened healthy young women. You know their medical history, their personality, physical traits and usually have baby and adult pictures. This requires in vitro fertilization.