Whenever I get stressed out I get light headed and have some trouble breathing. I get dizzy and really tired. Normal?

Anxiety attack. Stress leads to anxiety. As dr abe suggests, your symptoms are suggestive of hyperventilation which can be secondary to anxiety. If you are frequently hyperventilating, you may need treatment for anxiety. Your symptoms are related to an decrease in carbon dioxide when you breath too fast. One treatment is to breathe into a paper bag.
Hyperventilation. Maybe you are hyperventilating when you are stressed out, which can cause you to feel short of breath, dizzy and tired. Try to breathe deeply and slowly when you feel stressed out. If your symptoms are severe, make sure you go see a doctor for evaluation.

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Scared.5day trouble breathing, fatigue, dizziness, worsening, comes/goes. Urgentcare said vitals normal so okay not panic attack. Bad rash on face, Serious?

Enterovirus. This could be a viral illness which will resolve on it's own. If you are having breathing difficulty, you may need to be seen in the ER or be admitted for respiratory support. There is an epidemic of an enterovirus right now that is sending many children to the hospital for respiratory treatments and fluids, supportive care. Please go to the ER if you are having trouble breathing or are weak. Read more...

I have had a head/chest cold for 4 days now. On day 2 I went to urgent care because I was having trouble breathing. My bp was 90/70 (normally 120/80 area) and pulsox 92. I do have an appt with my doc tomorrow but I've been very dizzy and light headed, I h

Dehydration. highly likely. We don't see all your answer, but dizziness and lightheadedness usually means low blood pressure. Drink AT LEAST 8 oz of non alcohol, non caffeinated liquid (water or something salty like soup) every hour until you stop feeling dizzy. If not better in 4-6 hours, call your doc to see if you can get IV fluids. Search https://www.healthtap.com/expert/tips for managing dehydration. Read more...