What should I do with tooth abscess in toddlers?

See dental provider. A general dentist or pediatric dentist is where to go. Sadly most all abscesses in baby teeth mean extraction of the tooth. Please take your child in right away! know too that children should be seen by age 1 for their first dental visit and check up to try to get them used to it and to catch things as early as possible. Avoid sweets between meals and no juice/milk to bed-it will destroy them.
Contact a . Pediatric dentist as soon as possible and get an appointment for exam and treatment of your toddler. Your general dentist may see toddlers, so call him/her first for advice and referral suggestions.
Pediatric Dentist. You should take your toddler to see a pediatric dentist.
See kids DDS ASAP. for evaluation and x-rays. A child's primary teeth are as important as the permanent adult teeth. A pedodontist is a dentist who specializes in caring for children's teeth.
Your toddler needs. Treatment asap. An abscess can potentially become a serious problem. It can lead to bacteremia, & also spread from one facial space to another. This could lead to an airway compromise & full blown emergency. Antibiotics & treatment (tooth pulpotomy or removal) is needed & possibly an incision & drainage of abscess depending on its severity. Pedodontist first then oral surgeon if severe.